My First Post

31 Dec

So I have to admit I’m terrified! I’ve committed to doing the Polar Bear Plunge New Year’s Day tomorrow in Atlantic City. (11:30 am near the Resorts Casino) I’ve told all my friends and I’m telling YOU I’m doing it.  There’s no backing out now unless ridiculously bad weather prevents me from getting there. AHHHHH

Every year I’ve chuckled at the news video of people jumping into the frigid ocean in bathing suits and  thought, “what nuts!”  Now my friends are giving me that look like “HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND? SERIOUSLY, WHY?!!”

Still, I can’t think of a more appropriate way to begin a year of “FIRSTS”.  It’s one way to make a splash, a statement…”this is going to be a different year”.

Anyone have any tips?   Feel free to jump into the New Year with me.  It’s for a good cause. Everyone who plunges makes a donation to the Make A Wish Foundation.

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