Day 4: Analyze a Dream

5 Jan

A dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which is not read. ~The Talmud

I’ve had a recurring dream throughout my entire adult life.  The dream is that I’m back in college and I’m about to graduate, but it seems that I failed to go to a math class so I can’t graduate.

Sometimes in the dream I’m looking for the math class but can’t find it.  Sometimes I remember the math class but when I get there I’m supposed to take an exam and don’t know any of the material.  When I have the dream, I know I’m stressed in some way and wake up very anxious, feeling like I forgot to do something or I’m missing something.

Anyway, I’ve never tried to find out what the dream means. I wouldn’t have even thought of it except I ran into a woman who started telling me her dream and it was the same dream (but not math class)! I was telling my photographer today, Bob Ertel, about it (in the video).  He says he’s had similar dreams.  What the heck does it mean????

Well, I searched the internet today and low and behold, I found someone who also had the very same dream, even down to the math class!  The online “Dream Doctor” says it means we’re “nervous about completing some task in our present lives.” The reason the dreams put us back to a particular time is because “emotionally we have the same feelings as we did back then”. He recommends we figure out what has us nervous and worrying about “passing a test”.

Hmmm.  I do think our dreams tell us a lot.  Lately, my dreams feel powerful. Like I’m strong and powerful. Does that make any sense?  I think taking on One Year of Firsts is making me feel more in control when change is all around.

Meanwhile, had a blast talking about One Year of Firsts on The 10 Show today with Lori Wilson. Check out the video below!

Everyone wants to know who the guy is wearing the red speedo holding my hand into and out of the water.  I’m sorry if you’re reading this. I don’t remember your name but THANK YOU. Thanks for helping me do the polar bear plunge. You’re a star!


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