Day 10 of Firsts: Brush My Dog’s Teeth

10 Jan

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face. ~Ben Williams

My sweet dog Angel does not enjoy being brushed, bathed or having her nails clipped. So when my Vet instructed me to brush her teeth I did not think this was going to go well. Surprise!

Aw, so cute. I should have known, if it involves something she perceives as food, she will tolerate it.  She liked the doggie tooth paste I guess and would like to eat the tooth brush. She probably can’t wait to have her teeth brushed tomorrow!  (more toothpaste PLEASE!)
She’s 11, half border collie, half golder retriever so she’s a little crazy. (Humps children, hates other dogs). If I make the mistake of leaving the dishwasher open she is sure to clean the dishes and silverware until they shine with dog saliva.
Anyway, her breath was so bad and her teeth were bothering her so much we had to knock her out for a big cleaning at the Vet’s.
Now such fresh dog breath and a clean smile!  Turned out this first was fun.  Amazing how brushing your dog’s teeth could make you forget about your problems. Who knew?  


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