Day 11 of Firsts: Keep the Car Clean

12 Jan

Stress is the trash of modern life – we all generate it but if you don’t dispose of it properly, it will pile up and overtake your life. ~Danzae Pace

I’m sure many of my “firsts” this year will involve decluttering my life.  I collect clutter. Clutter seems to follow me. Clutter seems to pop out of thin air around me. My desk can be spotless in the morning and by afternoon there are thick piles of paper, notebooks, tapes, spilling out everywhere. (Anyone who knows me can testify to this fact.) I used to say this was a sign of creativity. Now I think it might be a sign of crazy. 

Anyway, to get to the point, the trash collecting in my car is stressing me out and I’m done with it. The odds and ends I carry from here to there seem to end up in my car, but no more.NO MORE TRASH IN THE CAR! 

Of course I clean it, but within a week there are usually new water bottles and notebooks and whatever on the floor. 

So,  now I am conscientiously making sure the car stays clean. I’ve been told if you can do something for more than 21 days you make it a habit. So, the first day of a clean car is done.  And if you see me, (to keep me honest), ask me if my car is clean. Anyone out there have some tips??


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