Day 13 of Firsts: My Husband’s 60th Birthday

14 Jan

Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional. ~Chili Davis

Phil, my husband,  is 60 today. We had a nice dinner planned to celebrate with friends, but yesterday we received news that his father had a stroke. Phil flew to Jacksonville to be by his side. Fortunately, Floyd Houser is doing well tonight. We’re all so glad, though I hear he’s cantankerous as ever and giving the nurses hell. 

Anyway, there was no birthday cake. All I had this morning to offer before Phil left town was a homemade banana walnut bread.  Hey, you make do. I stuck candles in it.

So I believe that birthdays are big deals. I love birthdays and a 60th is huge. So I gave Phil some gifts that will be firsts for both of us, I hope.

Okay, maybe the tickets to Jersey Boys were kind of for me. I had to come up with something to do the second day in NYC!
I’ve actually never bought expensive concert tickets before. I’m just not a concert goer. But Phil’s an Eric Clapton fan and I thought what the heck. You don’t get to be 60 again. It’s a first and a last.  Make it memorable.


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