Day 19 of Firsts: Back to School

20 Jan

I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma. ~Eartha Kitt

Today I am officially in graduate school. Yep. I’m finally going to get my Masters Degree in Journalism …on line.

I actually did take two classes as a trial run to see if I could really learn this way.

Then they made me take the GRE! Are you kidding? I couldn’t believe after 30 years as a working journalist I had to study for standardized tests!!! My interns and I were comparing notes. (I have much greater sympathy for them now.) 

My verbal score was fantastic. We won’t talk about my math score. Anyway, the University of Missouri accepted me and here I am “in class”.

Professor Duffy, if you’re reading this I’m really looking forward to your class. Sincerely. (Hey, I need all the points I can get.)

A couple weeks ago some women asked me why in the world would I bother going back to school.  Ha. Why not?  School in your own home during your own hours is great!  I never thought I’d have the time to go back to school and now technology has made it possible.

And the truth is, one day when I can’t hold the mike up anymore or chase down bad guys, I’d like to teach.

Anyway, gotta go. I’ve got about a hundred pages of reading waiting for me. How wonderful.

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