Day 35 of Firsts: No Blackberry!

4 Feb

Our only security is our ability to change. ~John Lilly

8:30 am

I am so anxious about not being able to use my Blackberry today.  I keep thinking, “okay, must tell my family, everyone at work, friends, tipsters…I will not be using my crackberry, er blackberry today”.

AHHH. I’m panicking already.  I’m at the point I check emails, facebook, twitter on a constant basis through this thing.

Will I miss a story? a good tip? a pithy remark?  Have I lost it?

Wish me luck.

7:15 PM

You think I was freaked out? Look at the faces of our nbc 10 investigative interns as I tell them I will be “sans” blackberry today. It was almost 10 am and I was about to leave for a two hour road trip to get an interview.  From right to left: Danielle, Kristen, Eric and Ryan and finally Producer Ed Dress weighs in.

I did let important sources know they would have to call today, that I was on the road. Meanwhile, I felt like I had a nervous twitch for the first two hours where I would go to reach for my blackberry , then mentally slap myself

That thing has become my security blanket. I feel in touch, in the know, connected, constantly in the loop. My G-d it’s exhausting! 

By the end of the day, I was better. I resorted back to “working the phone” to get things done. I have to say I now think email is often faster and more efficient.

At 6:30 I ran into the office, to my computer to check my email. My eyes got big.  Dozens of emails unopened! oh my! 

What did I miss??  As it turns out, nothing that couldn’t wait.  Our smart and capable interns managed to call me with information I needed to know. There was not a complete melt down.

I might need to schedule more blackberry free days.


One Response to “Day 35 of Firsts: No Blackberry!”

  1. Anonymous February 9, 2010 at 3:15 am #

    The one intern who says “if she didn’t have service, she couldn’t get email anyway” is my favorite. A girl with a good head on her shoulders! Congrats on your BB free day, Lu Ann!

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