Day 37 of Firsts: Snow Angels with Angel

6 Feb

A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water. ~Carl Reiner

If you’re an adult over 30, when was the last time you made a snow angel?? Me? Can’t even remember.  Maybe third grade when my family briefly lived in Indianapolis and through a winter I’ll never forget.  But the point is,  today’s Adult snow angel is a First.

I took the only “kid” left in the house who wanted to go outside to play  to help me.

Even my dog looks confused? “You’re in the snow?”,she’s thinking “Are you sick?”

It actually felt good to look up and feel the snow falling on my face. AHHH.

Play in the snow??? Oh gosh. When my daughter was little I went on plenty of sledding and snow man making adventures but  I probably did more watching, encouraging, picture taking, hot chocolate making  than in the snow participating.

And by the way, I salute every tv reporter out there today (I actually feel a little guilty I’m not out there with them.) Working snow days as a reporter is a hard, long cold day documenting other people playing (or getting stuck ). 

I’ve done far more work than play in the snow, which is probably why I’m not used to seeing two feet of snow and thinking “oh fun!”. It  may take a little practice. And with the way this winter is going , who knows, I could get plenty.  

Angel however innately gets snow and enjoys eating it with a side of “stick” (or is it schtick)

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