Day 41 of Firsts: Sled down the Rocky Steps

11 Feb

There’s one good thing about snow, it makes your lawn look as nice as your neighbor’s. ~Clyde Moore

It was a long, long day in the NBC 10 Live Truck known as Mini 5. Greg Durgin and I spent the day doing live shots on the historic snowfall in Philadelphia. I was so busy with the storm I  hadn’t figured out what my First would be today. This is us at the end of the day, tired and beat.

And then I saw it. So many people having a great time sledding down the Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Art Museum. We stopped to watch for a minute.

Of course, I’ve never done it before. Someone loaned me a little plastic sheet. A perfect first.

I know. I chickened out and didn’t go to the top. (I could just imagine breaking my back on the rocky steps.)

Anyway, it was nice to laugh and play for a moment after a stressful day

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