Day 44 of Firsts: Meditation and Journaling Class

14 Feb

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart. ~William Wordsworth

Some Firsts are fine experiences, but you know it is a one time only experience.  This morning (7:30 am to be exact) I know I came to a First where I felt I was destined to be and I will be again.

Many people might find a meditation and journaling class as different, new agey  and out of the box as I found interpretative dance a couple weeks ago.

But for me, walking into Jennifer Schelter’s class at Yoga Schelter in Philadelphia felt like warm sunshine. Though I’d never met anyone in the group (except Jennifer) before this morning, I knew I was  safe and at home in this small circle of writers.

I didn’t know the format of the class. I only knew I’d been thinking about this for months. I knew that I was interested in journaling, maybe meditating and finding out what this was about.

I always struggle with quieting my mind, but it wasn’t hard this morning perhaps because I was half asleep.  And after some time, Jennifer asked us to write…really whatever came to us. I started writing about how it feels every day to wake up and know I’m going to do a First.

What I didn’t expect was we were all asked to share what we wrote.  The words, feelings and thoughts that came out of the others in the class were so wonderful.  At times i laughed and almost moved to cry.  I felt like a child so happy to discover something unexpected that just touched me so.

My own offering was taken in and welcomed, encouraged.  I left feeling light and grateful. A first that felt like a fit. So nice.


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