Day 49 of Firsts: Be Star Struck by a Big Time Best Selling Author

19 Feb

Easy reading is damn hard writing. ~Nathaniel Hawthorne

I’m very fortunate in my 30 something year career as a reporter I’ve met so many famous people: Presidents, athletes, actors, even former co workers who are now well known.  I suppose it’s one of the perks of the job.

The truth is I’ve rarely been star struck.  But tonight I was beside myself. I got to meet Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of the best selling book Eat, Pray, Love.   

This is my friend Loraine Ballard Morrill and then me with Elizabeth babbling  about this blog as she signs her new book Committed.  I’m such a big fan, I don’t even know what I’m saying …probably, “I’m such a big fan.”

So nice, down to earth. And it gets better because her sister Catherine is also a well known author of a series of books for young adults. The two of them talked about each other, writing, their lives.  Ahh…they speak like they write…beautifully. I was entranced.

The conversation between the two sisters was a fundraiser for the Spells Writing Lab in Philadelphia.  The money we each  paid for a ticket will go toward teaching city kids about the love of words and storytelling. 

While there I didn’t ask any pithy reporter questions. I didn’t take notes. I was too gaga to do anything but pinch myself.

I love gorgeous writing.  I’m in awe of those who can create it and it was just pure joy  to be in fan land tonight.    

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