Day 51 of Firsts: Sing on Broadway (kind of)

21 Feb

As long as we live, there is never enough singing. ~Martin Luther

So my husband’s  New York City 60th Birthday present extravaganza continued today.  We went to see the Broadway Show Jersey Boys.

Afterwards,  I convinced Phil  to sing a song from the show with me, publicly, on West 52nd street,  outside the August Wilson Theater. (It’s the closest we’ll ever get to singing on Broadway)

Hey, I was into it. No one even stopped to stare. It’s New York after all.  (no applause either)

We met Michelle Owens Wilbekin and Patricia Thompson on the street. They took the video of us singing and told us they came in from the Bronx for the show.  Patricia’s favorite song was “Dawn”. ( “Dawn I’m no good for you”…hm, hm, hm…no idea what the words are.)  

Last night Eric Clapton. Today Jersey Boys. I think Phil was surprised how moved he was by the musical based on the true story of  Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.

What a weekend. Back on the train. Back home. We’re beat but still singing…”Sher – er-er -er ery baby, Sherry  baby,Sher-er-ry won’t you come out tonight…..”


One Response to “Day 51 of Firsts: Sing on Broadway (kind of)”

  1. Jeanne March 17, 2010 at 4:29 am #

    The song was great! LouAnn you do bounce around, but who cares it’s NY.
    The description of the two shows was very good Phil. You should have read the review of the Clapton show in the New York Times.
    What a bunch of crap. I couldn’t understand a word this kid was writing. You said, it in one sentence. ” Rock n Roll you just join in”.

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