Day 55 of Firsts: Learn to "Lash Up"

25 Feb

The most beautiful make-up of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy. ~Yves Saint Laurent

Carie Brescia does the makeup of all the NBC 10 Anchors and talent in the studio. And because of her we are all (women of course) addicted to LASHES.  Yes, ladies, fake fluttery lashes.

It’s the biggest inside makeup secret in our studio.  I never wore fake lashes until Carie convinced me, all the hard edged investigative reporting deserved just a little bit of glamour. (I usually just save it for on camera, though my husband thinks they’re pretty hot.) 

But I can’t put the darn individual lashes on myself.  For a First, Carie agreed to show me the tricks of the trade.  Watch and learn.

Now my turn!

The final result.

Okay, it wasn’t perfect. But I definitely got the hang of it.  Hmm..might be fun for a night out.

Carie Brescia has her own fab makeup line.  Check her out at


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