Day 73 of Firsts: Edit My Own Blog Video

14 Mar

The camera can photograph thought. ~Dirk Bogarde

Up to this point, you all have been subjected to my raw amateur flip camera videos.

Bad news: I will remain, (for the most part) my own photographer for this blog.
Good news: Today I started to learn how to edit the video so you don’t have to watch all of my bungling, shakey moves. 

I decided to work with video I took from the Mayan home we visited a couple days ago near Coba, Mexico.  I think it’s pretty fascinating. (Or I’m just making you watch my boring vacation movies!)

There’s basically one cement floor room with sleeping hammocks, a cooking fire, some jewelry and wood trinkets for the tourists.  Animals of every sort roam freely in and out.

I felt awkward and uncomfortable going on this part of the “tour” and watching these lives on “display”.  The trade off, I’m sure, is the little bit of money we left behind in exchange for some homemade crafts. 

I was told the children in this family don’t go to school. The country doesn’t require it.  The family basically hunts and eats off the land.  No electricity or running water. Amazingly, we were told the life span of the typical Mayan living like this is well into their 80’s.  The medical doctors on our tour were stunned.  Healthcare is generally taken care of by the village spiritual leader.

A world away from the finest resorts just miles down the road. 

Anyway, that’s my little educational travel video for today.
Hopefully, new, improved, edited videos on oneyearoffirsts coming soon for your viewing pleasure.   


2 Responses to “Day 73 of Firsts: Edit My Own Blog Video”

  1. Yeshuazgirl March 14, 2010 at 12:18 pm #

    I think that it is absolutely wonderful that you have this opportunity to see how people, even in this day & age can live simply to simply live 🙂

    I am not surprised that they live well into their 80’s – no trans fats, MSG, preservatives, red dye # whatever, little to no stress, fresh air, no being subject to germy shopping cart handles, bathroom doors, crowded trains etc..
    It must have been such a startling contrast to see how these people live compared to the luxury resorts for sure.

    And shaky or not, it’s always interesting to see what firsts you’ll come up with!

    You are truly living my personal made up motto 🙂
    Every Day Is A GIFT Unwrap like you MEAN it! *SMILE*

    Keep on keepin’ on beauty!

    The other beauty 🙂

  2. Lu Ann March 14, 2010 at 5:35 pm #

    live simply to simply live….I like that. it’s true…we can make life so complicated stressed and unhealthy

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