Day 81 of Firsts: Daughter Dresses Mother (Moi!)

22 Mar

A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend. ~Author Unknown

We had a little time to kill after the family wedding this weekend. What else would a mother and daughter do on a rainy day in Jacksonville?  Shop of course.

But, Alexa proposed a twist. She would dress me.  I thought that would be an interesting “First” until she walked me into Wet Seal. AHH.

Revenge of the LA sylin’ daughter! (Alexa works for in LA.) Lex now insists I dress too conservatively. Besides, she says she’s always wanted to turn the tables on those joyous mother daughter shopping trips of her youth.

This was the most doable outfit she had me in.  But to add to this comedy, I kept locking myself out of the dressing room as you will witness.

No, I didn’t buy anything. But we had lots of laughs today, just not enough time before I had to give her a kiss and a hug goodbye. 


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