Day 82 of Firsts: Victim of a Burglary

23 Mar

Poverty is the mother of crime. ~Marcus Aurelius

It has been very hard to hold my tongue about this.  My house was burglarized just over a week ago.

I was asked to not talk about it as police in Lower Merion tried to catch the burglar. But within a week there was another break-in nearby.  In all, there’ve been 25 burglaries in Bala Cynwyd and Lower Merion Township. Tonight I attended a community meeting with my neighbors. It was packed.

I have very few possessions that matter to me. Unfortunately, many of the ones that do were taken. Items that belonged to my mother and grandmother. I’m sad tonight knowing those personal things won’t be passed down to my daughter.

I thought perhaps I’d say something at the meeting but I was silent. I’m not sure why. All the anger from a week ago, everything I wanted to blurt out in this blog, just left me.

Perhaps because I was relieved police explained and revealed everything (but the identities of the victims) to the public.

One of the burglars is believed to be white, fortyish and may be driving a newish white Ford F 150 pick up with a ladder on the side. Just wanted you to know.

I’ve covered horrific crimes in my career. So,with that in mind, this event is minor.

Police blame the economy.

I guess I’ve been fortunate. It’s a first for me.  And now I’ve told you.


2 Responses to “Day 82 of Firsts: Victim of a Burglary”

  1. Yeshuazgirl March 23, 2010 at 3:40 pm #

    Oh Beauty!
    I am so sorry to know that this has happened to you!
    It is a violation of your life. If it were me, I’d be up all hours of the night with no less than a steady supply of strong cappucino and a pellet gun at the ready waiting to see anything suspicious. God help any person coming home late & tipsy who has lost his keys and has to climb in through a window *wink
    I hope & pray that all will be recovered so that your family’s heirlooms can be passed on.
    Please know that you are in my thoughts & prayers!

    The other beauty *SMILE*

  2. Lu Ann March 23, 2010 at 11:20 pm #

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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