Day 91 of Firsts: Eat Matzoh All Week (No Bread)

1 Apr

I eat merely to put food out of my mind. ~N.F. Simpson

It’s Passover this week. If you’re a Jew (that would be me) that means you are supposed to eat unleavened bread, aka Matzoh, all week.

I love Matzoh. It’s a symbolic reminder of the Jews escaping slavery, grabbing everything to follow Moses out of the land of Egypt and not having time to let the bread rise. So, the bible story goes.

Still, Matzoh is a thin cracker that is so delicate it will crumble all over you as you try to spread butter on it.   As a child, I would bring these weird matzoh sandwiches to school during Passover that always fell apart, (matzoh and liverwurst, matzoh and peanut butter, matzoh and chopped liver, matzoh and tuna fish etc…)

The thing is, as an adult, I stopped eating Matzoh all week for Passover. This year: a first of sorts. I will eat no bread until Passover is over.  

Bring on the fried matzoh. This used to be one of my grandmother’s specialties.


Yummy. Got any great matzoh recipes?  I still have four days to go. Bring ’em on.


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