Day 114 of Firsts: Santa Monica Steps/Skateboarding…

24 Apr

A daughter is a day brightener and a heart warmer. ~Author Unknown

Today Alexa, (my daughter) and I went out to play. Santa Monica was our playground and it couldn’t have been a more perfect.

Alexa told me I don’t need a stinking gym to work out here.  All you need is  fresh air and some energy to enjoy her Santa Monica training session.

Get ready , because you’re coming with us.  First, we’re going up and down 300 steps. (The Santa Monica version of the Rocky Steps, but this is straight up and down. Think Manayunk but MORE.)

Then Alexa tries to show me “the ropes”, the rings, and finally she teaches me how to skateboard.  WHOA!  Here we go.

I was so glad to see all those gymnastics lessons  Alexa took paid off.  Yes! She can be a showoff on the beach.

She’s about to turn 23. I’m 53. You heard me keep asking “you think I can do it?”  What I love is Alexa thinks I can.  And when I can’t we just laugh so hard.

So happy to feel healthy today and trying to keep up with her. So proud to see her running far ahead.  

That’s the way it should be.   

One Response to “Day 114 of Firsts: Santa Monica Steps/Skateboarding…”

  1. Mary April 24, 2010 at 3:06 pm #

    Hey LuAnn, Nice Job! Alexa is such a great trainer. Glad to see that you had fun.

    Now you could skateboard around the neighborhood! Great Job!

    Nice footage and great editing on the video.


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