Day 118 of Firsts: Make Homemade Pasta

28 Apr

The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later you’re hungry again. ~George Miller

I’ve always wanted to make pasta. I put out the word I was looking for a teacher and Caesar Gambone answered the call. 

He invited me to the Holy Saviour Club. It’s an Italian club that’s been in Norristown since 1906. Tonight they were making pasta from scratch, getting ready for a big dinner tomorrow.

Caesar told me this pasta is called stese.

They start with just flour and water. No eggs. A poor man’s pasta.

I tried to press the pasta the old fashioned way.

Much easier to do it this way. I want one of these machines!


In the kitchen, some of the wives were making Braciola a la Montellese. Check this out.

That’s thin sliced pork. Oh mama mia! I brought some home and cooked up the pasta. Heaven! Absolute heaven!

Thank you to the men and women who welcomed me in to their Italian kitchen tonight and shared their wonderful food and culture with me.

I’m coming back for Bocci Ball.


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