Day 126 of Firsts: Run the Bases at Citizen’s Bank Park

5 May

Baseball is reassuring. It makes me feel as if the world is not going to blow up. ~Sharon Olds, This Sporting Life, 1987

Hey, I ran onto the field at the Phillies ballpark today and didn’t get tased! WOO!

No seriously. NBC 10’s Meterologist Dave Warren told me he was going to a media batting contest at Citizens Bank Park to promote the American Heart Association’s 13th annual Richie Ashburn Memorial Home Runs for Heart.  I tagged along thinking it might be a good First for me.

So watch this. Dave hits a home run! Smacked it right outta there. Wait for it…wait for it…….

I’m so excited and Dave is just la, la, la…another day in homerun land. He won the competition!

Meanwhile, the Phillies let me take a little swing and run the bases for my First today.

Boy, I’ve never seen myself run before. SLOWWWW. GIRLYYY! Wow.  Well, it felt good while it was happening.

Alright, if you’d like to stand on home plate and hit some balls for a good cause on May 26th and May 27th just go to and click on Home Runs For Heart.


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