Day 132 of Firsts: Go To Pal Dinner

12 May

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today. ~Stacia Tauscher

It was one of those days. It was long. I got rained on a few times with no umbrella.

At 7pm I headed to the Police Athletic League Dinner, tired and hungry. I’d never been before.

The place was packed. And my boss, I’m proud to say, Dennis Bianchi helped make that happen.  We talked about the silent auction to raise money.

That was the chit chat at the NBC 10 table. But the stories of the kids who found inspiration and support from Philadelphia police officers at PAL centers just touched my heart.

27-thousand kids play, learn and are safe in PAL centers run by full time officers across the city.  Over 800-thousand dollars were raised tonight to keep that mission going.

Dennis Bianchi is the outgoing President of the Board. Tonight there were more people at this PAL dinner than ever before. What a tribute to his leadership.

It was pouring when I left.  I got soaked AGAIN.  Didn’t care.

Felt warm. Felt good knowing there’s something powerful in Philadelphia called PAL and it will continue to be there for kids who need it. 

Learn more about PAL


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