Day 148 of Firsts: Use a Hands Free Cell Phone

28 May

If The Phone Doesn’t Ring, It’s Me. ~Song title by Jimmy Buffet

I did a story the other day about people getting tickets for driving while on their hand held cell phones.

It’s HORRIBLE that people drive while on their cell phones. IT IS.  And I do it. I admit it. I am one of those terrible drivers.

 It’s distracting. It’s ridiculous. I’ve covered tragedies caused by cell phone distraction and yet I couldn’t stop…until today. I hope.

I’m trying to get used to this thing in my ear. I keep reaching for the phone when it rings and then forget it’s going to the blue tooth that I’ve taken off and put somewhere in my purse.

I’ve got to do this though.  I know it’s dangerous and I know I could hurt myself or others if I don’t give up cell phone driving.

So that’s it. I’m telling you and I’m promising myself I will not pick up my hand held phone while I drive.

Feel free to fess up if you drive with your cell phone, break the habit and do something about it.


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