Day 163 of Firsts: Roller Hockey with Third Graders

12 Jun

Don’t go through life without goals. ~Hockey Saying

I think I’ve seen where hockey dreams are born.  In the playground rinks where 8 year olds skate and learn to get past the goalie. Pure joy. 

Tonight my friend and coworker Steve McCauley (he’s in the pink shirt with the number 9 on it ) invited me to put on some skates and join his class at the Houston Park in Roxborough.  

You gotta love third grade boys. They were very tolerant of me tentatively skating around them. Head Coach Frank Petka does one heck of a job keeping the kids moving. 

What was really fun to see tonight was Steve, outside of our NBC 10 news room where he is key to the smooth daily operation, and find out how great he is with kids and so happy to be on skates.  You learn a lot about people when they share their passions with you.  I think that’s really one of the best things I’ve leared about doing “Firsts” this year.  


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