Day 174 of Firsts: Learn to Cartwheel

22 Jun

My childhood may be over, but that doesn’t mean playtime is.  ~Ron Olson

I have been asking my friend Jennifer Schelter (yoga instructor extraordinaire) to teach me to cartwheel.   I saw her do it and all I could think was it reminded me of being about 10 years old.  I wanted to do it to.

Remember that? Trying to cartwheel over and over again and falling in the grass.   Why do we stop doing cartwheels?  Why should we?  

Anyway, we met in this beautiful field at Morris Arboretum. A storm was coming in.  There was lighting and thunder but we started our cartwheeling anyway.   Here it is, unedited: the fabulous cartwheel  lesson.

Jennifer is so funny.  Such a great cartwheel coach.

It felt delicious to play like that, pretend cartwheeling was all that was needed or important in the world for a moment.    A flashback to girlhood.  We should find a way to play like that every day.

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