Day 180 of Firsts: Go Letterboxing

28 Jun

You have to wake up a virgin each morning.  ~Jean-Louis Barrault

I had no idea what letterboxing was until today. I’m still trying to get a grasp on it.  I think it’s an adult scavenger hunt in the woods. Sound intriguing?

Barbara Werner suggested I join her on a letterboxing quest for a First. We met in Sellersville, Pa. where she produced a list of clues she pulled off the letterboxing website.  Think of it as a treasure map. 

 These letterboxing sites are all over the country. The tradition started in the 1800’s in England.  

Anyway, you have to have a little Eagle Scout and Nancy Drew in you to enjoy this.  (I’ve got the Nancy Drew thing. Don’t know about the scout thing.  I really hate those sticker vines that scratch you in the woods!) 

I couldn’t believe it. We didn’t find one hidden “prize“.  We feel pretty sure someone destroyed this letterbox site. Too bad. It was a great place for one.  Barbara says it’s the first time this happened to her. (Not a good First for her!) This will call for a redo.

Any of you ever do this before?  Know some good letterboxing places? 

Well, as I told Barbara, if everything always went exactly as planned, what kind of adventure would it be? At least I got to meet another person determined to do new things in her life this year.  Thanks for sharing Barbara.

Okay, no prizes, but a good journey. 

Learn more about letterboxing here:


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