Day 181: Serve My Cheesesteak on the Street

29 Jun

My favorite animal is steak.  ~Fran Lebowitz

The folks at Jake’s Sandwich Board in Philly have been after me to come learn to make “The Jake“. It’s a cheesesteak. A really good one with provolone, long peppers, onions, great steak and awesome bread.  What else do you need in life, huh?

Sean Stein was my cheesesteak guru. Here we are at the grill, then on South 12th street trying to convince people to eat my cheesesteak creation! So proud.

Lindsay Romancheck, who works at Jake’s, did the camera work today. Thanks. 

So you want to know if I ate a cheesesteak? Of course I did. It was wrapped up nice and tight when I got in my car to go home.  It wasn’t five minutes later when I’m on the Schuykill I’m tearing into the thing!   

Jake’s isn’t a chain. It’s locally owned by a couple Philly guys who are making fresh, interesting sandwiches you won’t find anywhere else.  (Okay that’s my commercial. It’s sincere. No one’s paying for this.)  I’ll be back when I’m looking for lunch in the city. 

Check out Jake’s at

One Response to “Day 181: Serve My Cheesesteak on the Street”

  1. Mary Ziogas June 30, 2010 at 5:29 pm #

    Nice Job there!

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