Day 183 of Firsts: Sing With A Barbershop Quartet

1 Jul

The total person sings not just the vocal chords.  ~Esther Broner

My cousin, (kind of through marriage,  then divorced, still family…you get the picture), Noel Dickson, from Cinncinnati is in town for the Barbershop Harmony Society Convention.  This is the place where you  just walk around and see guys suddenly break out in song just like they’re in a musical.  I love it.

Anyway, I told Noel I’d come see his Southern Gateway Chorus practice today  if he would help me with a First. Iasked to sing with a Quartet

Well, when I heard these guys sing, they were so off the wall incredible, I wanted to back out. But Noel arranged for me to learn what’s called a “tag”.  It’s a song ending.

You’ll also see the Southern Gateway Chorus and their award winning Director Joe Connelly. Don’t adjust the volumn. You’ll see what I mean. Noel’s quartet called Encore is also  in this video.  Enjoy the show and the grand finale.

I am pretty sure I’m singing off key.

Noel is the one standing on the right side of the screen next to me (grey hair and mustache).  Tomorrow his chorus is competing at the Philadelphia Convention Center against 26 others from around the world.  

Good luck guys and thanks for letting me join in.   


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