Day 190 of Firsts: Screenings Under the Stars

8 Jul

There is no fate but your own fate.  ~Terri Guillemets

I have to say it felt strange.  I was asked to introduce a free movie (The Blind Side)on Penns Landing within view of the site where the Ride the Ducks (See Day 179 of Firsts) tour boat sank. Two young people on the boat are still missing and presumed dead.

Having just taken the Ride the Ducks tour  for a First over a week ago is  eerie.  My video shows people having a good time. I’m sure it was the same yesterday before the fire on the boat disabled it and the city owned barge rammed into it throwing 37 people in the water.

Meanwhile tonight another group of people came to the waters edge for a good time and most seemed to be unaware they were looking out over the water where it all happened.

A lot of mixed feelings tonight.  I couldn’t help but also remember the time Pier 34 collapsed ten years ago killing three lovely young women. Dozens of others were rescued from the river.

It was a beautiful night. Not too hot. A slight breeze. Life goes on but we need answers.  


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