Day 211 of Firsts: Try to Recreate 10! Show Quiche OOPS

29 Jul

Recipe:  A series of step-by-step instructions for preparing ingredients you forgot to buy, in utensils you don’t own, to make a dish the dog wouldn’t eat.  ~Author Unknown

I have never made a homemade crust for a pie or a quiche or anything like that.  Today I was challenged by the 10! Show staff at NBC10 in Philly to make it a First,

Chef Patrice Rames of Bistro St. Tropez made an incredible Quiche Lorraine for the show.  I decided to alter the recipe a bit and make Quiche Henley (that’s without ham and with mushrooms) for host Bill Henley since he’s a vegeterian.

I ran into issues right away. A few ingredients problems and mishaps….oops.

It said to bake it for 15 minutes.  I DON”T THINK SO!  I’ve been baking it for 45 minutes.   Tune into the 10 show tomorrow to see what happens.  11am NBC10


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