Day 214 of Firsts: Climb to the top of a Lighthouse

1 Aug

Inside my empty bottle I was constructing a lighthouse while all the others were making ships.  ~Charles Simic

My husband’s family has a reunion in St. Augustine Florida every year.  Even before we were married we came to this beach.  The Lighthouse is a landmark here; a landmark I just always drove by and casually noticed until today.

I didn’t even realize it is a real tourist attraction complete with a gift shop.  Anyway, climbing 14 floors to the top was well worth the effort. It’s not the Comcast building…but hey…it’s an awesome view .

Apparently it’s mating season for wasps and they  take over the “Light” part of the Lighthouse every Summer. Those who are allergic to wasp stings are told to climb at your own risk. 

Anyway, I think Lighthouses seem like a mystery silo, you know? You always wonder, what’s it like in there? Hmmm…mystery solved.  It’s a whole lot of stairs leading to a nice view.


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