Day 223 of Firsts: Make Pork and Tofu Dumplings

10 Aug

~Chinese Proverb Never miss a good chance to shut up. ~Will Rogers

The 10! Show Next Chef Competition Winner, Julie Yuen, came on the show today and made dumplings.  I love dumplings but never thought I could make them myself. Too complicated.  Julie assured me they are not.

Host Bill Henley challenged me to bring him a vegetarian version so I was commited.   

I made Bill’s dumpling out of tofu. I made mine out of pork. I had reservations about grinding pork in my blender as Julie suggested but it completely worked.   I had to use wonton wrappers instead of dumpling wraps. Couldn’t find them.

Anyway, the end result wasn’t bad.  I would pass on the tofu stuff, but the pork dumpling was great. You can see Julie on the 10 show and the recipe on the web.

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