Day 224 of Firsts: Art and Life in a Bottle Cap

11 Aug

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.  Art is knowing which ones to keep.  ~Scott Adams

Esther Cohen-Eskin is a woman who is constantly creating and evolving.  A wife, a mother, an artist, a decorator, a fitness instructor: these are all Esther.

She grew up in a family of artisans who made decorative iron. Trained as an artist, she started as a glass blower. These days she’s making bottle cap art necklaces.  You can see, they’re beautiful little jewels.

Today she showed me how to make a bottle cap necklace while we talked about life.

Esther says she’s always open to the next thing. The high she gets from coming up with new art is the way I think I feel about Firsts.  It allows you to always be expanding and growing. You don’t see any project as an end, just part of the journey.

Esther teaches an outdoor women’s “Bootie” camp every week and you can find her necklaces being sold at boutiques in our area. 

You can email Esther at


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