Day 229 of Firsts: Driveway Chalk Art

16 Aug

 The reluctance to put away childish things may be a requirement of genius.  ~Rebecca Pepper Sinkler

I was inspired by my friend Avram Gonzales in Denver , Colorado, who is also doing something new every day.  He took chalk to his driveway and advertised his web site.  Raw, crude, juvenile: brilliant.  I just like it. So I did it today.

As you see One Year Of Firsts . Com on my driveway in pastel chalks is not a work of art.  But in the process of drawing out the words I was thinking; thinking about this year; thinking about what’s happened; what I’ve learned. 

Just recently a couple exciting new opportunities have come my way and I know they wouldn’t have happened if I had not started this journey of One Year of Firsts.  I may be teaching part time soon at an area University.

I’m doing some fill in anchoring work that’s new and satisfying in a different way.

I’ve realized things don’t change unless you change.  And if you don’t change, change happens anyway but not necessarily in a way that you want. 

I’ve learned when you tackle small changes, small new things, you are more confident going after big changes, big challenges.

I’ve come to understand that connections with people, and following those connections that interest you are so important and that connectivity can lead to experiences you couldn’t have imagined and dreams you’ve been trying to fulfill.

This is what I was thinking as I was playing with chalk.

So here’s a question. If someone said take chalk and draw something on your driveway what would it be?  It’s not what you would put on your grave stone.  What would you put on your living stone?




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