Day 233 of Firsts:Basketball Stunt at NBC10

20 Aug

The invention of basketball was not an accident.  It was developed to meet a need.  Those boys simply would not play “Drop the Handkerchief.”  ~James Naismith

This crazy stunt was the result of some random comment I made on the 10!Show after watching videos of some kids throwing a basketball into a hoop hundreds of feet below them.

Bill Henley said lets do it and off we went to find a basketball hoop (hidden away in a studio storage room) and a ball (Bill went to buy one at Target). We showed the video today on the 10!Show.

This is my own behind the scenes version. I was thinking, “Am I really getting paid for this? Awesome.” Check it out. 

Sadly, I missed some of the action with my little flip cam and you kind of have to use your imagination.

But the whole thing was on the 10! Show today.

Ahhh. Nice Friday. To bed early tonight. Anchoring NBC10 News Weekend Today in the morning.  The alarm will be going off at 3:30 am.

And after that, rowing on the Schuylkill. Stay tuned.


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