Day 237 of Firsts: Go to Kid Movie Without Kids

24 Aug

A grownup is a child with layers on.  ~Woody Harrelson

I love kids movies. The thing is when your kid is an adult you just don’t go see them anymore. Fortunately, my friend Loraine Ballard Morrill is in the same boat.  We both agreed we had to go see Toy Story 3 3-D in the theater.   No kids? No problem. We just took our inner children.

Loved Toy Story 3.  The 3-D was wonderful and from now on I’m going to go see all the kid movies I want. So there.

One Response to “Day 237 of Firsts: Go to Kid Movie Without Kids”

  1. Michele Spencer- RSVP of Montgomery county September 3, 2010 at 1:52 pm #

    Hi Lu Ann! This is a very cool idea. I would love to invite you to draw your first winning trip raffle ticket at our 5K Race on Sunday, October 3rd. Both of these events, the raffle and the race, support RSVP’s Children’s Literacy Programs. This includes providing over 3,200 new books to Montgomery County Head Start children every year.

    Also, if you have never run a 5K at a ZOO you could add this to your 1sts!!!
    We hope to hear back from you! Michele

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