Day 256 of Firsts: Speed Shopping with the Cheap Chica

12 Sep

Fashion can be bought.  Style one must possess.  ~Edna Woolman Chase

I am a huge fan of Lilliana Vazquez, the Cheap Chica. If you haven’t caught her on NBC 10, don’t wait. The girl is about to explode into a big reality fashion guru star.

What I love about her is she really likes to dig in to discount stores for fashion. So, today we challenged each other to a speed shopping contest at our fave discount store Target. (Target had no idea what we were up to. No commercial here.)

The rules?  3 minutes and 30 seconds to pick an outfit for the other that you could wear to host the 10! Show.  The outfit could not cost more than 60 dollars! The outfit is from head to toe.

We had so much fun I had to do this in two parts. You should have seen the looks on people’s faces as we ran through the store.  Tell us who picked the best outfit for the other.  Ready, set , go!

Lilliana and I are co-hosting the 10! Show together on Wednesday. Tell us who won the contest!!!! Do you like the little black dress I picked out for the Cheap Chica or the sheath dress she picked out for me?


One Response to “Day 256 of Firsts: Speed Shopping with the Cheap Chica”

  1. Jackie Strauss September 14, 2010 at 8:09 pm #

    Dear Lu Ann….
    Much as I’d like to vote for the black dress, I think Lilliana did better with the purple sheath for you. But, I think if you’d embraced the same strategy, you might have picked out something just as nice. Did you know you could pick up more than one outfit at a time? I didn’t realize that at the outset. I also liked the jewelry you picked out and could have used it with your purple dress!
    Nevertheless, it looked like you had a lot of fun doing it!

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