Day 290 of Firsts: Design for Lilly Pulitzer

16 Oct

Remember that always dressing in understated good taste is the same as playing dead.  ~Susan Catherine

You can not be shy if you are wearing something from Lilly Pulitzer. The store is full of bright pinks and blues and greens and even a little BLACK this year.  I love color and was intrigued when I was asked if I wanted to try to design a pattern for Lilly for a First.

Lilly designer Jeff Mattia sat me down at the Suburban Square store in Ardmore, explained what makes a good Lilly pattern and I promptly made some little flowers and squiggles that were a mess. 

 Still, Jeff made a beautiful design for me while encouraging me to stop thinking and just paint.  (You know I am not artistic in the least. A third grader could do better.)

I did learn that Lilly’s name is hidden on each piece of clothing. (You’ll see me trying to figure out where it is on the dress I was wearing.) I love the dress and check out the one at the end of the video.  Yes, I bought my first Lilly.  LOVE. 

I have donated my art work to Lilly Pulitzer and told them to feel free to use my design…no charge.  

 Thanks to Pamela and the staff for a lovely first.


One Response to “Day 290 of Firsts: Design for Lilly Pulitzer”

  1. carole blum October 16, 2010 at 8:51 pm #

    i want you to experience a first at that special look!! Come be a sales expert and dress a customer from her head to her feet. After you see what goes in to making someone like themselves in a new outfit you will think twice when u give a salesperson attitude. Call me if this interests u??610-664-5466

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