Day 327 of Firsts: Ultimate Pen Twirling

22 Nov

Why wait for the weekend to have fun ~Loesje,

My daughter Alexa wanted to teach me her ultimate pen twirling trick. How hard can it be?   Hmmmm…

Well, I failed at it miserably. Apparently this takes some practice to get.

It’s just fun doing whatever with her. Pen twirling, hair whipping….ahhh…so happy she’s home this week. 

One Response to “Day 327 of Firsts: Ultimate Pen Twirling”

  1. john VanLuven November 22, 2010 at 9:19 pm #

    OMG thats funny =)
    my son did this to me,
    it seems to be the new thing cause of a add for some car company were the salesman is twirling two pens at the same time
    and NO i still cant do it =(

    good luck with it =)

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