Day 341 of Firsts: Museum of Jewish History

7 Dec

~Jewish Proverb We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey

First…somehow I’ve messed up the days I’ve been counting down for this year. Somehow I’m a day ahead.  So just to make this simple (so I don’t have to go back and figure out where I went wrong) today and yesterday are day 341. So there. Fixed.

As a Jewish kid growing up in this country there’s only been one kind of Jewish Museum that one might go to: a Holocaust Museum. It’s sad and it’s horrible and we are taught from a very young age we can never forget.

But I am so thrilled there’s a different kind of museum that also remembers the history, culture and contributions of the Jewish people in this country. 

I spent one hour in the National Museum of American Jewish History today in Philadelphia. That’s just not enough time to take it all in.  (Sorry, they don’t allow video or pictures to be taken. )

The exhibits are beautifully done. I learned about the beginnings of Jewish communities across the country, the first Jewish families, the famous, the poor and the history of every day families.  I walked through a kitchen that looked like my grandmother’s in the 60’s.

I left smiling and thinking, ” Good. It’s about time.” 


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