Day 349 of Firsts:Bring Cliff Lee 2 the 10!Show

15 Dec

Good pitching will beat good hitting any time, and vice versa.  ~Bob Veale, 1966

Cliff Lee is coming to the 10 Show. Yes, you saw it here first even though I don’t know when he’s coming.  Okay. I haven’t talked to him.  Okay, I have no idea if he’ll come to the 10 Show but I’m launching the campaign now.  He’s coming to the show, he just doesn’t know it yet.

Help Me. Facebook Lee. Tell him he has to go to the 10! Show. Tell the Phillies….get on the 10 Show Facebook.  Twitter…LEE to the 10! Show.

Anyone who turns down 50 million dollars to come to play for the Philies is MY HERO.  AND Billy Henley will flip if Lee comes on the show. Huge fan. 

Watch the 10! Show tomorrow and watch the Cliff Lee campaign launch.
How am I going to start this launch…???  Well, it’s a little old school.

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