Day 361 of Firsts: Take Raquet Ball to Achey Back

27 Dec

Experience is what causes a person to make new mistakes instead of old ones.  ~Author Unknown

I think I mentioned this yesterday, but I’ve wrenched my back in a way I’ve never experienced before.   I tripped while chasing my daughter’s dog and now the pain in my lower back is a constant pain in my you know what.

I have heated it, iced it, creamed it and drugged it. 

Meanwhile, Marc Summers (of Unwrapped, DoubleDare) was co-hosting the 10! show with me today and suggested I take a tennis ball to the wall and put my sore back up against it.

I only had a raquet ball.  Anyway, it kind of worked. It feels better. I could absolutely massage the spot on my back that’s driving me nuts.  Yes, this video looks weird but it was the only First I could muster today.


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