Day 363 of Firsts: Chiropractor in the House? Yes.

29 Dec

From the bitterness of disease man learns the sweetness of health.  ~Catalan Proverb

Sometimes when you need help it just leaps out in front of you.  For the last two days everyone’s been telling me I need to see a chiropractor about my wrenched back.

But I’d never been to a chiropractor; didn’t think I knew a chiropractor. Ha.  Jeffrey Cheskin was in the 10! Show audience today with his two adorable little girls. Sure enough he’s a chiropractor who comes highly recommended by one of our photographers.   Thank goodness.

Well, he worked a little magic. Feel a little better. You can see what happened in the video. What a weird feeling…kind of Oww…than AHHH. 


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